Five Ferrari Fast Facts


If the purr of a luxury engine is music to your ears, or if you have stood and stared at a gleaming car like a kid outside a toy store window, then you know what it’s like to love a fine sportscar. You also know they don’t come any better than a Ferrari.

Try and picture how incredible the brand new 2018 Ferrari 488 GTB would look in your driveway. Is your imagination running wild yet? Here are Five Ferrari Facts to ponder!

1. GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, which translated means grand tourer coupe. Can’t argue with that definition! Ciao Bella!


2. The first Ferrari GTB, the 308, was built in 1977. You might know it as the car from the hit TV series Magnum, P.I.! Don’t worry - a moustache is not a requirement for ownership.

3.Under the hood there’s a V8 engine capable of accelerating you from 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds. If you’re brave enough (and on a racetrack!) you can hit 200 km/h in just 8.3 seconds!


4.Owning a Ferrari is like belonging to an exclusive club. You’ll have access to personalized services, driver training programs, and special events. You could even join the Ferrari Owners’ Club of America!

5.Many Ferraris have gone on to become iconic sports cars and collectors’ items. The 488 GTB is a classic in the making!


For most of us, the closest we’ll ever come to driving a Ferrari is in a video game. If you’ve got your tickets for the Princess Margaret Home Lottery, however, you’ve got a shot at winning a Ferrari of your very own. The Ferrari 488 GTB is exclusive to the The Princess Margaret and is just one of the amazing vehicles available to be won! Have you got your ticket to drive yet?

    Will Jardine