5 Big Decorating Ideas From the Best of Toronto Bonus Condo

The interior design team who decorated the Best of Toronto Bonus Prize used some clever decorating techniques to optimize the space. Use these same ideas to open up your own space and start living large!

The Solution is Clear

If a view is blocked or cluttered, it can make a room seem small. The design team made the living room look wide open by using see-through furniture. The glass-topped coffee table and the clear acrylic lounge chairs are functional, yet blend neatly into the background when not in use!

Too much furniture can make any space look small and crowded, but we still need places to sit and place our things. Using clear plastic and glass furnishings will make the clutter disappear.

Harbour Plaza Condo-1.jpg

Go Deep With Wall Decor

You can’t push the walls out in a condo or apartment, but you can make it look like you have. In the den, the design team put up a fantastic wall mural of an elegant bookshelf. It creates an illusion of depth, and it’s a great conversation piece! In the living room, a large photograph of an ornate hallway leads the eyes far past the wall.

Using art to give the appearance of extra space is a fun way to expand a room without hiring a contractor.

Harbour Plaza Condo-2.jpg

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

The kitchen, den, foyer, and bedroom of the condo all feature mirrors, and it’s one of the simplest ways to make a space seem bigger. In the den, there’s a large mirror occupying most of one wall providing virtual expansion (and a nice doubling effect on the “bookshelf”). The kitchen features a decorative mirror with a modern frame, and a similar one hangs in the bedroom. At the front entrance, mirrored closet doors seem to extend the hallway.

Mirrors can be both attractive and functional. They reflect light and they add depth -  and you can check your style before you head out on the town!

Harbour Plaza Condo-15.jpg

Lighten Your Palette

The paint choices in the condo are light and modern. Punches of colour add life without adding weight, like the blue accent behind the living room shelves, throw pillows on the sofa, and the modern art pieces hanging in the hall.

While dark colours may be dramatic, they can also make a room feel small. Keep the wall colours light and use decorative pieces and features to introduce fun splashes of colour.

Harbour Plaza Condo-6.jpg

Defy Gravity With Floating Furniture

Anything that touches the floor blocks sightlines and closes a space. Minimalist supports can help, but not touching the floor at all is the best solution. The design team cleverly used shelves and floating counters throughout the condo, including the shelves in the living room and the spacious desk in the den.

Free up useful floor space and reduce visual clutter in your space by wall mounting counters, and using free-floating shelves in place of shelving units.

Harbour Plaza Condo-4.jpg

Between the season tickets for the Maple Leafs, Raptors, and TFC, plus the condo and $25,000, the downtown life will be a dream come true for the winner of the Best of Toronto Bonus Prize. Get your tickets and start dreaming about living large in the big city!

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Will Jardine