Rustic & Modern

The design and decorating teams have done a fantastic job of ensuring that the Muskoka Cottage Early Bird prize fits in seamlessly with its surroundings. Let’s take a look to see how they did it and why this cottage will feel like a home-away-from-home from the first day the lucky winner walks through the door.

Site-specific design

Cottage designer Craig McFarlane of Linwood Homes created this cottage specifically to fit the landscape. Everything about it has been designed to take advantage of the stunning property; from the windows and decks for soaking in the scenery, to the careful site selection that preserved the trees and the rock outcroppings Muskoka is so famous for.

Traditional Materials

To build a traditional-looking cottage, you need one important element: wood. The exterior is crafted from western red cedar and the gorgeous ceilings are western pine. The rustic charm and natural warmth of wood surrounds you, making the space feel so homey and welcoming!

040-Covered Porch - View 1.jpg

Modern Touches

The decorating team at Lakeshore Designs describes the style of this cottage as “quirky farmhouse.” It’s far from feeling outdated, though; modern amenities let you know this is definitely a 21st century getaway. Gorgeous stainless steel appliances fit perfectly alongside throwback decor in the kitchen, a state-of-the-art entertainment system is standing by for rainy days in the family room, and a luxurious soaker tub will be calling your name after a day of adventures in Muskoka Region. It feels like a cottage, but it functions like a home.


Wall-to-wall Comfort

The designers have done a masterful job of softening the feel of every space, and creating cozy places to relax. Piles of pillows on the sofas and beds invite you to stretch out and unwind with a warm mug of hot chocolate. Soft rugs are ready to cushion your feet, and a comfy throw blanket awaits you on a Muskoka chair on the porch.


From front door to private dock, the Muskoka Early Bird Cottage is brand new, but has an air of comfort that will make you feel like it has always been your private family retreat. It really is the cottage that dreams are made of. For your chance to make this your cottage escape, get your tickets before the November 10th deadline!


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Will Jardine