Design Trend 2017 - Painted Brick is Back!


This year’s Grand Prize Oakville Showhome is the last word in design and decor not just on the inside, but also in every aspect of its stunning outside! The landscaping is clean and classy from the front path to the backyard oasis, and the all-brick exterior presents a grand face to the world. Celebrity designer Brian Gluckstein’s brilliance is evident here, as it is throughout this unbelievable dream home.

Drawing inspiration from beautiful homes in the southern United States and northern Europe, Brian painted the brick a warm grey. He selected the colour to add warmth and sophistication to the home, but also made his choice with the Canadian climate in mind. Durability, both physical and in terms of fashion, was top of mind, ensuring that the Oakville Showhome will still look incredible years from now. Accents of charcoal on the windows, eaves, and garage bring the whole look together.

Painted brick is back for 2017 as the ideal solution for a home makeover. Owners of brick homes often think they are stuck with the original colour, and there are many houses 30 to 50 years old that suffer from outdated brick. A coat of modern paint can turn “outdated” to “on point” overnight! New builds looking to stand out from the crowd can also benefit from a paint job, becoming the envy of the neighbourhood with a well-chosen palette.

Last year, Brian mixed stucco facings with brick accents to create an elegant, European-style home. For the 2017 Grand Prize Showhome, he chose to concentrate on the brick to give the home its defining exterior characteristic. It’s all in keeping with his overall vision of a “clean traditional” look for the home.

Brian loves painting brick because it’s such an absorbent material that the paint really sinks in and will not peel off. Properly prepped, painted brick will look great well into the future. In Brian’s own words, “What a way to transform your house!” And what a way to transform your life, by winning this amazing home and calling it your own!

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