Three Ways The 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider Will Let You Live Life in the Fast Lane!

Does your heart skip a beat when you hear a perfectly tuned exhaust note? Does a revving V8 engine put a smile on your face that stretches from ear to ear? If you answered “yes” to either question, this incredible prize has your name written all over it!

For a luxury car fanatic, the biggest question might be, “Where to first?” We gave it some thought and came up with the top three things we’d like to do with the 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider

1) Get dressed up in your finest clothes for the ultimate night on the town! Roll up to the best clubs and restaurants in the city and make a splash in your brand new 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider. Wherever you’re heading, drop the top and let the good times roll!

2) Shine that classic red paint and hit the car shows! Not many people get to see a fine automobile like this up close, so take this opportunity to share your winnings and show this beauty off! We can promise you’ll be one of the stars of the show.

3) Pack an overnight bag and head out on the open road! Discover the rolling highways and backroads of Ontario and let this magnificent car show you what it’s got. A roadtrip in a Ferrari is more than just a weekend jaunt - it’s the ultimate driving experience!

Are you imagining yourself slipping behind the wheel of this stunning machine? It could be yours if you’re our lucky winner! Get your tickets today, because the only thing faster than a Ferrari is how fast Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Fall Home Lottery tickets are selling!

Will Jardine