The Million Dollar Bonus Prize includes a stunning Downtown Condo in the heart of the Entertainment District

When the place you call home is one of the hippest addresses in Canada’s biggest city, you expect the decor to impress. You won’t be disappointed with the stylish furnishings and design in this chic condo at the Bisha Hotel & Residences, part of the Million Dollar Bonus Prize.

Walking through the front door is like stepping into the pages of a trendy interior design magazine. Here are our top 3 favourite design features and decorating ideas!

Create more space (or the illusion of it)

One of the first things you’ll notice is how spacious the condo feels. Furniture was carefully chosen to not only function in the space but also to look stylish!

A perfect example is the dining area. The chairs are sleek and contemporary and the glass-topped table comfortably seats four without taking over the space.

Adding to the feeling of openness are clever touches like the faux bookshelf wall mural in the den, hand-painted wall mouldings in the living room and dining room, and strategically placed mirrors.

Pro Tip: Did you notice the area rug in the living room? Placing it on an angle covers more floor place and stops it from acting as a divider and breaking the flow of a room.

Choosing great-looking lighting is a bright idea!

A really great light does more than just illuminate a room. It also becomes part of the decor and adds to the finished look. We love all the fabulous fixtures throughout this prize home.

The light ring over the dining room table is a showstopper that seems to hover in the air, casting perfect light on everything below. In the living room, the wall-mounted fixture, with its stylish brass arms and twin lamps, allows you to focus light wherever you need it.

In the cozy den (your hangout headquarters with TV and totally inviting sectional!), a pair of very cool minimalist lamps makes this a favourite spot for reading fashion magazines or enjoying a video chat with friends!

Put some colour in your life

Neutral grey is totally on-trend for 2018, and you’ll see it throughout the Condo prize. It makes the home feel clean, warm, and sophisticated.

But, going grey doesn’t mean giving up on colour! There are eye-catching splashes of colour added throughout. You’ll find rich accents of blue from throw pillows, towels, artwork, and decor pieces.

Pro tip: Neutral grey goes with any colour; switching out the accent pieces to suit the season, or even just your mood, is an easy way to give your home a makeover!

If you dream of living in a cutting edge designer space, then the Million Dollar Bonus Prize is the prize for you.  

PS. It also comes with a 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster S PDK and $100,000 cash!

PPS. Bisha’s incredible amenities include a private residents lounge, and access to a 24-hour café, fitness centre, and the coolest rooftop restaurant and infinity pool in Toronto!

Get your tickets today - the Bonus Prize deadline is Midnight, October 12!

Will Jardine