The Million Dollar Bonus Prize is Your Passport to Living Like the Rich & Famous!

If you dream of a life taken straight from the pages of a celebrity magazine, the Million Dollar Bonus Prize, including the Bisha Hotel & Residences condo, the 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster S PDK, and $100,000 cash, is the prize for you!

Here are just some of the ways winning this incredible prize can help you optimize your lifestyle!

These aren’t your usual amenities!

Living at Bisha, a world-class hotel and residences, offers so many stylish conveniences! Imagine you just got in from an evening on the town and you’re feeling hungry. Don’t feel like cooking? Head to the 24-hour cafe for a gourmet bite before you call it a night!

Entertaining a crowd? There’s plenty of space in the residents’ lounge, plus space for food and drink prep. It’s like having an exclusive club at your disposal! Speaking of clubs, you can kickstart your healthy lifestyle at the fitness centre, and when you really want to make a splash, head for the rooftop infinity pool for spectacular views of the 6ix.

A condo so cool, you might not want to leave

Everything you could ever need is right here in this ultra-luxe condo! Kick back in total comfort and catch the game or binge your favourite show in the den. There’s plenty of space in the kitchen for creating gourmet meals and prepping cocktails for friends or family. And you won’t believe the views from the epic floor-to-ceiling windows.

Don’t even get us started on the balcony! It’s your personal oasis in the sky with the most spectacular views of the city. You’ll have a private light show from the CN Tower every night plus a stunning view of holiday fireworks.

What good is a parking spot without a car to park in it?

A parking spot in Toronto? That’s a prize in itself! But what’s parking without wheels? So we’re going to fill it with a 2019 Porsche 718 Boxster S PDK. This exceptional piece of automotive engineering is an absolute glory to drive. Adventures on the open road will be yours - even if there’s no destination! It’s the kind of vehicle car-lovers dream about, but it will be your reality if you’ve got the winning ticket!

$100,000 will keep you in high style

Since we’re filling your parking spot, we figured we’d fill your wallet, too! What would you do with an extra $100K? The Entertainment District will be your new ‘hood, so take some friends out to the Scotiabank Arena for a game or a concert, or hit some of the sweet clubs and restaurants nearby. Plan a getaway to a tropical resort or perhaps a Mediterranean cruise. Heck, since you’re in the club, you could even take a trip to Stuttgart and see the Porsche Museum!

Ready to turn things upside-down? The Million Dollar Bonus Prize will transform your life into the stuff of dreams! To make the dream a reality, be sure to buy your tickets before the Bonus Deadline: Midnight, October 12th. Better yet, get them right now!

Will Jardine