One Big Discovery After Another: Where Does Your Money Go?

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There is so much excitement that comes with the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery. Our latest brochure is chock-full of incredible real estate prizes, the latest car models, unbelievable vacations and more.

Your ticket purchase helps supports world-leading research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. You support can make a difference in the battle against this disease.

Here is one of the innovations funded by your generous support:

Big News about Tiny Nano-Particles

It cannot be seen by the naked eye but Nanotechnology offers hope for a better way to treat cancer.

Nanoparticles are small enough to reach almost any part of the body, giving them remarkable potential. Dr. Gang Zheng and his team at The Princess Margaret have developed a unique nanoparticle that has caught the attention of the scientific community. This nanoparticle has the ability to transform.

“Traditionally, when you’re given a drug, you would hope for the best. Now, you can track what happens with the drug in real time. You can determine the best treatment schedule, design the best treatment strategy, and find out whether this therapy is actually the best fit for the patient.”

It’s still early days for nanotechnology but its potential once it reaches clinical trials is promising.

Your Ticket Purchase DOES Make A Difference!

Dr. Zheng’s work is enabled with your support of the Princess Margaret Home Lottery.

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Will Jardine