The Design Features in the Big Bonus Prize Condo are Breathtaking!

If you’re going to live at Bisha Hotel & Residences, one of the chicest new addresses in the Heart of the Entertainment District, your new home needs to make a statement.

We could gush all day about how gorgeous this prize condo is - but let’s look at our top 3 favourite features.

The Living Room Wall Mural Brings Nature To the City


Perhaps the most striking design element in the Bisha condo is the dramatic wall mural in the living room. You don’t need art on the wall when the wall is art!

The forest scene creates a sense of depth in the room, and complements the many natural elements found throughout. A keen eye will spot rocks, plants, and animal-inspired décor.

With the stylish furniture and epic views, this room will “naturally” be the place to hang out!

Feast Your Eyes on the Extravagant Kitchen Counters and Backsplash


Matching granite countertops and backsplash set a tone of opulence in the kitchen. The dramatic swirls of grey and black fit perfectly with the sophisticated palette of the prize condo. Sit up for a meal at the spacious island and admire all the deluxe features of this sleek and contemporary kitchen.

And get ready to be inspired to cook something gourmet!

The Bedroom Gets the Layered Look for Maximum Coziness


Stepping into the bedroom, your eyes go straight to the gorgeous headboard treatment. The Tomas Pearce design team made the room warm and inviting with layers of fabric that soften the space. We’re crazy about the wall-to-wall drapery and how it adds amazing texture and flair to the room!

Prop yourself up against the headboard and binge watch your favourite show. When it’s time for lights out, the wrap-around headboard will make you feel so cozy, you’ll drift off in no time.

The first morning you wake up and realize this is actually your home, you’ll know all your dreams of living in luxury have come true!

Get Your Tickets Now!

Are you ready to start living the dream? Then get your tickets now - the deadline for the Big Bonus Prize is Midnight, April 6! Don’t miss out on your chance to live the high-life at Bisha Residences!

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