3 Reasons Why Winning the $6 Million Grand Prize Will Change Your Life Forever!

When it comes to the Princess Margaret lotteries, everything is “big.” The word for this year’s $6 Million Grand Prize however should be “epic!”

Here are 3 reasons life will never be the same for the lucky prize winner!

1. Upgrade Your Life in Your New Home Sweet Home

Try and picture 8,510 square feet of total luxury living space. What could all that space do for your life?

For starters, you could run the home-based business you’ve always dreamed of from the comfort of your spacious office. How’s that for the ultimate commute?

And imagine the luxury of having five bedrooms! You can easily accommodate your large or growing family, provide a home for your parents or have plenty of room for guests when they come to visit - which they will!

The King City Showhome will truly be home base for living your dream life!

2. Leave Your Cares Behind and Head for Your Muskoka Cottage!

Everyone needs a place to escape and unwind. For the $6 Million Grand Prize winner, getting away will not be a problem!

Included in the $6 Million Grand Prize is a beautiful $1.03 Million Muskoka Lakefront Cottage on Ril Lake - your home away from home! Boasting 3 bedrooms and a den, there’s room for the family to get away together, or invite friends for a weekend - or weeks of fun!

How relaxing will life be, knowing you can take off at a moment’s notice? No reservations required, no check-in or -out time, just pack your bags and be on your way!

3. Make A Splash With the Cash!

Have you already guessed what the third reason is? That’s right - the prize includes a cool HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! You know that feeling you get when you find $5 in your coat pocket? Multiply that by 100,000 and that’s what this will feel like!

What could an extra $500K do for you? You could pay for your kids’ or grandkids’ tuition or put a couple of cars in your new garage. Maybe book that vacation you thought you couldn’t afford. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to make some of your dreams come true – without saving those pennies first!

You’ve probably thought of lots more ways that winning the $6 Million Grand Prize will change your life. For a chance to make them happen, get your tickets before they’re gone and show your support for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Remember to keep dreaming BIG!

Will Jardine