Ahoy Captain! Check Out Our 3 Favourite Design Elements of the Early Bird Prize Cottage

The photos are in, and we’ve never been more excited to share the deets - the $1.3 million Early Bird Prize Cottage is stunning!

There are so many striking features in this beautiful lakefront cottage  - here are our 3 favourite style and design elements.

A Cottage as Big as the Lake

One step inside is all you need to see how spacious the cottage is! As if 3,111 SF isn’t immense enough, it feels even bigger because of the open-concept design. Start in the kitchen, glide through to the dining room, then on to the great room, without having to touch a door handle. Note the massive windows in this space - lake views galore!

And as if the tremendous windows weren’t enough, the open space allows for big rugs and comfy couches for a cozy vibe, but still leaves plenty of walking space. No bumping into each other in this luxury cottage!

Here’s our favourite part: the top floor has an intimate loft-style design - slide open the barn doors in the master room, and it opens up to the main floor below!

Wood and Wicker Have Us Hook, Line, and Sinker

One of the most attractive aspects of the Early Bird Cottage is all the wood elements. We’re not just talking about the beautiful furniture either; wood is highlighted throughout the cottage. Exposed beams and panelling give it the country feel you want when you’re escaping the city.

The wooden accents go perfectly with the stylish woven straw rugs, baskets, chairs, and more that are placed throughout. The wicker enhances the cottage’s beachy aesthetic and, along with the wood details, produces a lavish and classic look that’s always warm and inviting.

These Nautical Touches are a Real Sailor’s Delight

The Early Bird Cottage is beautifully decorated with a nautical theme, which is fitting since the cottage is right on the lake! It’s chock-full of maritime vibes from the decorative pieces to the plants. Every room has seaworthy elements that help round out the marine concept. Take note of the pillows with beach designs and prints, such as stripes, oars, and nautical roping.

And we must mention all the framed prints throughout the house! Fish, beaches, canoes - whatever you can think of when you hear the word “lake” - it’s framed on the walls of the cottage.

Lakeshore Designs has us wanting to sail away into the sunset with all of the nautical touches!

Check out the photo gallery for even more of the nautical-inspired designs that have made the lakefront cottage our best Early Bird Prize yet, and don’t forget to buy your Princess Margaret Home Lottery tickets before Midnight, May 3rd!

Kelsy Rogers