The Oakville Showhome. Range Rover. $1 Million Cash. – The $6 Million Grand Prize Could Change Your Life in an Instant!

There’s a reason the $6 Million Grand Prize is on the cover of our brochure and the front page of our website; it’s the prize people dream about all year long! Just wait until you get a look inside this stunning home (private spa, anyone?), and check out the sleek new 2020 Range Rover to park in the garage. And don’t forget the $1 Million CASH! 

Read on to learn more about every part of this life-changing prize!

Luxury Living is Redefined in the Show-stopping Showhome!

Every year we think celebrity designer Brian Gluckstein has outdone himself - and every year he does it again! This spectacular 6,700 SF luxury home features 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, epic living spaces, a home office, a home theatre room, all exquisitely decorated and furnished.

Waiting for our lucky winner on the lower level is a space like you’ve never seen in a showhome - or maybe any home! A fully realized wellness oasis beckons you with a spin studio featuring a big-screen TV, a relaxation room, a whirlpool tub, sauna, and a steam room. Feeling stressed? Now you can relax and revitalize every day in your very own home spa.  

Oakville Showhome-77.jpg

With warm colours, inviting spaces, and family-friendly features throughout, it’s more than a showpiece, it’s a real family home. But, it’s also the last word in luxury and eye-popping design, brimming with beautiful spaces that envelope, rather than overwhelm. We promise you’ve never seen anything quite like it! Can you see yourself calling this home?

Get Ready to Roll in Style in Your 2020 Range Rover!


The Grand Prize Showhome features a 2-car garage - so we’re including a 2020 Range Rover to get you started! It’s exactly the luxury vehicle that belongs at a home like this.

Range Rover has been setting the standard for SUVs since 1970, first for ruggedness and durability, and then for premium finishes and performance. It’s responsive, comfortable, loaded with hi-tech goodies, and it’s the perfect family vehicle for your new life of luxury and adventure. Where will you go first?

(Fun Fact: the Range Rover can drive through 900mm of water - that’s almost 3 feet!)

Live Out Your Fantasies with $1 MILLION CASH in Your Wallet!


I wouldn’t know what to do with an extra $1 Million - said no one ever! We’re rounding out the Grand Prize with $1 Million CASH for you to make even more dreams come true! 

Try and imagine all the things you could do. Maybe send your kids or grandkids to university, or send yourself on an around-the-world vacation! How about choosing another car for the garage, or going on the ultimate shopping spree? Half the fun will be deciding what to do! Got any ideas?

This incredible $6 Million Grand Prize has the power to change lives - and so do you! Get your tickets today and support Princess Margaret Cancer Centre - one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. This year, we could be handing the showhome keys to you!

Order your tickets online today at

Kelsy Rogers